Real Estate Finance Platform

Real Estate Finance Platform

This Real Estate Finance Platform; It brings together those who sell or lease their Residential or Commercial Real Estate and those who want to make Financial Investments in this field.
It was created to meet the urgent financing needs of those who offer their real estate for sale or those who are looking for tenants (when they are waiting) when there is no customer.

The assets of the real estate owners in this situation (for certain periods) are leased by the fund holders and finance is provided.

It has been created to solve the financing needs of those who offer their real estate for sale or when the tenant does not come out at the desired time;
An Immediate Financing Application Formhas been created for those who want to sell real estate and those looking for tenants.

The Financing Offer Form has been prepared for those who want to evaluate their financing for Renting or Buying Real Estate.

In addition, a Real Estate Investment Poolhas been created for the demands of small investors who want to use their financial savings in the field of Real Estate.

With our forms prepared with a special software program, investors can see their Real Estate Demands for Immediate Financing.

Note: This financial application is suitable for Murabaha and Ijara models for those who want to invest with Islamic Finance criteria.

Investors can apply to the platform for real estate they are interested in through the sale/rent link on the sites.
The platform will be directs the offers of these investors to the real estate owners.

The parties fill in the legal Real Estate Sales-Lease-Transfer Agreement online for these transactions.

With this contract; 3-6-12-18-24 months rental is made for residential or commercial real estates in the market. The amount of the debt will be  recorded in the title deed.

The web links of the real estate offers requested can be placed in this Financing Offer Form


You can financially invest in real estate on these top Real Estate sites. You can apply to the platform with the real estate link you are interested in.Financing Offer Form.

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For example; If a 15% sales discount is offered for the real estate value of 500 thousand, a monthly payment plan of 35 thousand x 12 months can be offered for the purchase value of 425 thousand real estate. It can be registered on the deed. When the house is sold, the financing paid for the house is deducted.

or: For 3500 rental houses per month; monthly 2500 x 12 months finance=30 thousand finance can be offered. When there are 3500 tenants for the house, the rental fees for 12 months are transferred to the investor account. When the financial investment cost is completed, the mortgage on the house is canceled.

Note: You should get support from your legal attorney for these applications. Real estate Platform is a platform where only the parties will meet.

It is not responsible for buying-selling-leasing.
It provides information-support service for legal documents required for transactions.
In the Real Estate Financing Platform, the parties mutually agree on buying-selling-leasing and make transactions with legal contracts. The platform has no direction and enforcement. The parties are provided with consultancy services on the use of the platform and the software program.

Investors can apply to the platform for real estate they are interested in through the sale/rent link on the sites.
The platform will be directs the offers of these investors to the real estate owners.

The web links of the real estate offers requested can be placed in this
 Financing Offer Form.

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For Small Investors’

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U.S. Real Estate Market 2022: Prices, Trends & Forecasts;

Real Estate Market Overview 2022
Median Home Value: $354,165
Median List Price: $438,266
1-Year Appreciation Rate: +19.8%
Median Home Value (1-Year Forecast): +7.9%
For Sale Inventory: 879,047 (-21.7% year over year)
New Listings: 443,707 (-13.6% year over year)
Homes Sold: 84,107 (-14.8% year over year)
Median Days To Pending: 7 (-1.0 year over year)
Median Rent: $1,382 (+9.5% year over year)
Rental Vacancy Rate: 5.8% (-0.6% year over year)
Price-To-Rent Ratio: 21.35
Delinquency Rate: 0.12% (one in every 854)
Unemployment Rate: 3.6% (latest estimate by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics)
Population: 331,893,745 (latest estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau)
Median Household Income: $64,994 (latest estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau)
Latest U.S. Housing Market News & Trends (8/01/2022)

The U.S. housing market is undergoing a significant shift. As the government attempts to quell inflation with higher interest rates, everything from housing market prices to foreclosure rates is in flux. Now that the Fed has officially announced another 75 point rate hike, let’s take a look at the latest housing market news and trends impacting the national real estate sector:

Home Prices

Housing market prices have visited every end of the spectrum in as little as a decade. Exactly ten years ago, U.S. home prices were near their lowest point in The Great Recession. Since then, the median home value in the U.S. has increased upwards of 113.3% and continues to test new highs. To be clear, the fastest rate of appreciation has taken place during the pandemic.

Mortgage Rates

Over nearly two and a half years since COVID-19  , housing market prices have increased an average of 39.9%. Over the last 12 months, housing market prices have increased 19.8%. Moving forward, it is safe to say prices will continue to increase.
Dropping to as low as 2.68% as recently as last December to spark activity in the housing market, 30-year mortgage rates have more than doubled in 2022. Now at 5.3%, rates have increased to combat inflation and lower demand. Despite radically higher rates, however, it is safe to assume that borrowing costs will continue to rise over 2022 and beyond.
 If for nothing else, the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report identified the fastest rate of inflation the U.S. has seen in about 40 years. Up about 9.0% year-over-year, inflation increased more than expected, which means additional increases in mortgage rates may be necessary to drive down inflation of the U.S. dollar.

Inventory Levels:

Recent increases to mortgage rates and the looming threat of a recession have decreased mortgage applications. The latest numbers released by the Mortgage Bankers Association suggest mortgage applications decreased 1.8% from the previous week, continuing a trend that has seen applications decline in the third quarter. Fewer buyers have translated into less competition and more housing supply. At the same time, current owners are less inclined to sell their homes.

Few owners are willing to sell their homes and trade what is most likely a lower mortgage rate for a substantially higher one. With home sales down nearly 14.8% year-over-year, inventory levels are actually up about 8.8% in the latest month; that’s the second increase in nearly three years. Despite the increase, the U.S. still only has about 2.5 months of supply, which is well below the six-month benchmark set by balanced markets.

Rent Prices:

The median rent in the United States is about $1,368. Consequently, rents are increasing at a slower pace than the previous year. However, rental increases for the first half of 2022 are easily outpacing pre-pandemic levels. To put things into perspective, national rents have increased 5.6% year-to-date. At this point last year, rents had already jumped 8.8%. Year-over-year growth in rental rates sits above 14.0%, which marks a downward trend from a peak of 17.8% at the start of the year. Much like their housing counterparts, rents will continue to increase for the rest of 2022. Unlike home prices, however, the pace at which rents increase may escalate. As more people turn to renting to avoid higher home prices and mortgage rates, rental competition will increase, and so will rents.

Foreclosures Filings

The national foreclosure rate continues to revert back to pre-pandemic levels. While still down significantly over the last ten years, foreclosures are marching higher. The first six months of the year saw a total of 164,581 U.S. properties enter into the foreclosure process. At that rate, foreclosure filings are up 153.0% from the same time a year ago but down a much more modest 1.0% from the same time two years ago. If foreclosures continue to increase at their current rate and the dollar continues to buy less, it is reasonable to assume that we may return to normal levels in the early part of next year.

Attached U.S. According to the Real Estate Market 2022 report; The U.S. real estate market is better off today than it has been in recent history. In particular, the economy is starting to show signs of life, and the U.S. unemployment rate is on the mend.

The American real estate market boasts countless opportunities for real estate entrepreneurs. With the right systems in place, there’s absolutely no reason anyone shouldn’t be able to realize success as an investor in the U.S. housing market.

You can review the Real Estate Finance Platform Application forms to make profitable and reliable investments for the US Real Estate market?

Investors can apply to the platform for real estate they are interested in through the sale/rent link on the site. The platform directs the offers of these investors to the real estate owners.