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Sukuk Investments: Like Bonds, But Halal

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Takaful ,“Islamic insurance” or “Interest-free insurance”.

What Islamic Investment-Trade Products?

Islamic investing is quickly becoming very popular worldwide. By present count, there are more than 300 Islamic banks all across the world. That number would be even higher if you included traditional banks that have Islamic departments or operations. Over 7 million Muslims live in the US, they want investment alternatives that meet their needs. The main benefit of Islamic-halal investment is that it encourages people to invest in a socially responsible manner. They are advised to avoid investing in industries that promote alcohol, smoking, pornography and so forth.

This refers to investing funds or doing transactions that are compliant with the Islamic Sharia law. This investment is different from the other common forms of investment due to its prohibition of investment in debt laden companies that may cause high risk to the investor.Islamic accounts offer state of the art trading infrastructure and execution speeds enabling our traders to gain a competitive edge.

Forex Trading-Islamic Account

Traders of Islamic faith can apply for a Raw Pricing trading account where no interest fees will be credited or debited.

Trade over 90 instruments.1:500 Leverage. Spreads as low as 0.0 pips*. No additional costs in place of Swaps

Meta Trader 4 & 5. The swap free option** is available on both our Raw Spread and Standard account types on the MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best trading conditions. Our Islamic accounts offer state of the art trading infrastructure and execution speeds enabling our traders to gain a competitive edge.

Overnight Financing Charges; Swap free accounts do not pay or earn swap or interest on any trades for Currencies, Metals & Indices excluding exotic Currency Pairs, Brent, Natural Gas, and WTI’s, where a small financing charge is applicable overnight. Any trades open for more than 1 day in the below mentioned pairs will be charged a flat rate financing charge. Rates & holding period is subject to change to reflect market conditions when necessary. 

Islamic Gold and Silver Trading, Islamic Oil Trading,Islamic Stocks and Indices Trading, Islamic Forex and CryptoCurrencies

Experience Oil trading under Islamic rules .

Instantly access the world’s most liquid stock exchange indices and stocks on your Islamic Forex trading account. Trade indices and stocks directly linked to global stock markets without accruing any swaps.

Our partners have introduced their Islamic CryptoCurrency and Forex account option, which fully complies with the religious needs of members of the Muslim faith. Come and experience transparent CryptoCurrency and Forex trading with our partners on a wide range of cryptocurrency and forex currency pairs, commodities and indices. Clients will be able to access their Islamic cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, indices and commodities trading account via the powerful MT4 platform, as well as having the ability to trade anywhere anytime on the MetaQuotes mobile application.

Sukuk Investments: Like Bonds, But Halal

Sukuk investment certificates are similar to bonds, but they are not debt-based and thus halal. On the surface, sukuk may appear similar to bonds: They have maturities; they may be rated by major credit rating agencies, such as S&P or Moody’s; and they generate regular investment income payments, similar to the coupon payments from conventional bonds.Dubai is the world’s largest centre for Sukuk listings at USD 51.21 billion, with Nasdaq Dubai at USD 49.06 billion.

The Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (DJIM), launched was the first index created for investors seeking investments in compliance with Muslim Sharia law.This index measures the performance of stocks traded globally that pass rules-based screens for adherance to Shari’ah investment guidelines.The DJIM has an independent Shari’ah (Islamic Law) Supervisory Board. The DJIM screens have been adopted by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (“AAOIFI”)-Standard 21.

Collateralized Murabaha(Islamic Repo)

Same Islamic Banks offers clients with Multicurrency Murabaha financing collateralized by liquid and readily marketable Sharia-compliant securities, such as Sukuk under a deferred payment basis.


In its shortest form, takaful can be defined as “Islamic insurance” or “Interest-free insurance”.

What is TAKAFUL?

Basically, takaful is a system based on solidarity which creates social welfare by eliminating the unjust suffering of the individuals whose were victimized because of the other funds created.

Participation insurance is an Islamic insurance methods whose roots go back to the solidarity practices that formed in the early days of Islam. Takaful means “solidarity”, it is derived from “kafalat” (security, guarantee) which is an Arabic word. It is applied all around the Islamic world with various interpretations in different countries.

Ta’awun means corporation or solidarity (based on the spirit of brotherhood, righteousness and piety). In takaful context, ta’awun is referred to as mutual help and indemnity where the participants are committed to making donations with the intention to help each other against any defined perils within the Takaful scheme.

In its shortest form, takaful can be defined as “Islamic insurance” or “Interest-free insurance”. This type of insurance, which is also known as the Takaful system, is called cooperation or mutual insurance. Cooperation insurance is one where separate individuals come together to compensate for the damage one of them suffers.