The world’s largest and most well-known financial companies are categorized in this list. “GLOBAL INVESTMENT PLATFORM” brings together Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, Banks and the world’s best financial institutions with potential investors.


GLOBAL INVESTMENT PLATFORM” brings together Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, Banks and the world’s best financial institutions with potential investors. It directs them to websites and stock market screens, offers opportunities for teleconferencing and trial investments.

You can directly connect with the (you) investment and financial company teams with our translators and you (seeking) investors. You will be able to speak with our professional interpreters and callers and advisers of investment companies by teleconference.


When you’re ready to invest, you expect personalized advice and best-in-class service. And access to a wide range of distinct opportunities that can help you and your family achieve your goals. That’s what we provide. Delivered by a team of more than 650 experienced investment professionals in 19 cities around the world.* Because helping you meet your goals is the investment result that matters most to us

Alternative investments

Explore the range of opportunities to enhance investment returns and portfolio diversification beyond traditional markets.

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Hedge funds and private investments

Investing in hedge funds, private equity, private credit and real estate funds has long been a part of sophisticated client portfolios and for good reason. They can be an attractive long-term complement to a traditional public stock/bond allocation.

Morgan Private Ventures

Morgan Private Ventures offers a small group of qualified investors entree into exclusive, high quality private investments.


At the Private Bank, we give you more than just execution. You‘ll have access to strategists. Credit analysts. And economists. Each offering advice and seeking opportunities in every region, in every sector, throughout the ups and downs of the markets.

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We take you to every corner of the global markets. Whether you’re investing in a single company’s stock or creating a portfolio of diversified equities.

Fixed Income

Our specialists know the fixed-income market from top to bottom. From local municipalities to emerging markets. From corporate bonds to interest rate derivatives. And everything in between.

Currencies, commodities & rates

Currencies, commodities and rates-based derivatives may provide a range of benefits to your portfolio. But they can be complex. With our guidance, access and execution, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits they can offer.

Institutional investing ideas & trading

Investment opportunities aren’t restricted to a particular geographical area or market sector. We’re here to help you capture them.




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Trade on your own

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General Investment

Get a more flexible experience with no trade or balance minimums.

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Traditional IRA

You can contribute funds that may be tax-deductible Footnote2(Opens Overlay), and plan to pay taxes on your withdrawals in retirement.

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Roth IRA

If eligible, contribute after-tax dollars Footnote3(Opens Overlay) now, and get tax-free withdrawals on qualified distributions Footnote4(Opens Overlay) later.

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Always with your total portfolio in mind


To invest with vision, you need a high-conviction market perspective. We develop ours by distilling information from our teams of strategists, economists, trading and derivatives professionals worldwide. And once we do, we work with you to decide which ideas are right for you.

Alternative Investments

Investing in hedge funds, private equity, private credit and real estate funds can be an attractive long-term complement to a traditional public stock/bond allocation.

Fixed Income

Our bond market strategists, traders and credit analysts work across markets to find the right mix for you. The goal may be to identify the best choices for your long-term portfolio, seeking income or stability.

Sustainable Investing

We believe in the power of sustainable investing to drive both long-term growth and positive impact. Sustainable investing is one way we help you invest with intention to achieve your goals and the future you envision.

Why Merrill Edge® Self-Directed? You’ll get easy-to-use tools, helpful research and unlimited $0 online stock and ETF trades — with no trade or balance minimums. Footnote 3 
Other fees may apply. Footnote 2
Accounts for all financial goals

Online brokerage accounts

Use for personal investing, joint investing or as a custodial account

Retirement accounts

Choose from Traditional or Roth IRAs to reduce taxes and enjoy the opportunity for tax-deferred growth

College planning accounts

Get the potential for tax benefits and flexibility you need to save for college

Small business accounts

Manage your finances with solutions designed to help you meet your investing and retirement needs

Personal banking

Find the bank accounts from Bank of America you need to pursue your financial goals

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 A full range of investments


Invest in shares of publicly traded companies across a variety of sectors


Trade like stocks with the diversification of mutual funds, and offer the flexibility to hold and trade shares

Mutual funds

Professionally managed funds aligned to a variety of investment strategies and time horizons

Fixed income

Invest in a broad range of Treasuries, municipal and corporate bonds and CDs


Execute your options strategy with unlimited $0 tradesFootnote 3 + $0.65 per contract and gain access to new mini options Footnote 1, 2

Margin lending

A flexible line of credit that can be used for almost any purpose. Footnote 8

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Simplify your investing

Take the guesswork out of finding quality funds:

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