Bonds and CDs

Why invest in bonds and fixed income?

One word: predictability. Most bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs) are designed to pay you steady income on a regular basis.

They aim to protect the value of your original investment, and may help cushion the market’s ups and downs as part of a diversified portfolio.

Principal preservation

By returning their full-face value at maturity, bonds can help you protect your wealth

Portfolio diversification

Adding bonds to your stock portfolio to help balance your portfolio during market swings

Income generation

Most bonds are designed to pay you a fixed amount of interest income at regular intervals

Tax free income

Some bonds, such as municipal bonds, offer tax breaks that can help you keep more of your money

Help diversify and generate potential income

  • May cushion the impact of market swings on your portfolio
  • May create a predictable and reliable source of interest income
  • May help manage inflation and interest rate risk
  • Access to over 50,000+ offerings from over 200 leading liquidity providers