B-IncomePlus Fund

Tax-efficient passive income and appreciation.

Target Net Annualized Return-9%–11%
Investment Objective-Income + Growth
Minimum Investment-$100K


IncomePlus Fund

Fund Benefits
The Origin IncomePlus Fund is a diversified private real estate fund designed to deliver stable, passive income and appreciation, plus minimize the impact of taxes.
The Fund generates a stable stream of monthly distributions.
The Fund presents long-term capital appreciation potential which can be compounded further by participating in the Fund’s distribution reinvestment program.
Distributions are shielded by depreciation and other deductions, plus all capital appreciation is deferred throughout your time invested.
Generate More Income
Assumptions: Monthly distributions equivalent to 6% (annualized) on prior month’s NAV. All distributions are reinvested at the prior month’s NAV. Monthly capital appreciation equivalent to 5% (annualized).
Yield Comparison
Origin IncomePlus Fund-5.6%
Investment-Grade Bonds-3.88%
BASE. Ten-Year Treasuries-2.85%
Projected Growth of a $250k Investment in the IncomePlus Fund
Projected Growth of a $250k Investment in the IncomePlus Fund
Grow Your Capital
The Fund’s multifamily properties provide enhanced upside potential by capturing development margin on build-to-core investments and periodic value-add capital improvements. The Fund also offers an optional DRIP for investors looking to maximize long-term growth.
High-quality, irreplaceable real estate should never be sold, which is why the Fund has a perpetual structure that is optimized to provide maximum tax efficiency.
94% Of 2021 distributions were sheltered from taxes as a tax-based return of capital.
Fund Performance
$11.16-NAV Per Unit
5.60%-Annualized Distribution Rate
22.20%-Trailing 12 Months Total Return