Asset Planning and Management of Investing Group Specializing in Socially Responsible & Beneficial Investing

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At Beneficial Services, your financial goals, values, and future are of top priority and require the quality care that you deserve.

With our partner experienced backers, ethical solutions, and personalized portfolios, we are here to help you reach your financial goals.

Asset Planning and Management of Investing Group Specializing in Socially Responsible & Beneficial Investing

The BENEFICIAL INVESTING offer professionally managed investment solutions that help Muslims and  all humans achieve their life goals while honoring their personal values. We know that our clients have different financial needs so we provide a full range of investment options, including our Access personal wealth management services and our Institutional service for Advisors who wish to offer beneficial investing options to their clients.

With over 20 years of experience working in diverse capital and investment market conditions, we apply a rigorous research and analytics approach to wealth management, focusing on value investing for long-term results.

Our plans can address income and expense projections, retirement, investment, risk management, income tax, and estate planning issues and opportunities that all individuals and families need to consider including:



Education Planning / 529 Plans

401k, IRAs and Retirement Planning


Tax Planning, Strategies, Projections and Filings

Debt Management

Employee Benefit Reviews

Establish and Modify Investment Objectives Consistent with Return/Risk Parameters

Personal income tax

Estate and gift tax


Time Horizon

Risk Tolerance

Liquidity Requirements

Return Expectations

Income Needs

Life Event Planning

Deferred Compensation, Stock Option and Qualified Retirement Plan Strategies

Non-Financial Asset Reviews –

Homes, Real Estate, Collectibles

Fiduciary income tax

Titling of Assets


Wealth Protection Strategies


Asset Allocation

Security/Manager Selection

Tax Awareness

Portfolio Construction


Business Succession Issues

Monetizing Non-Financial Assets

Insurance and Risk Management

Trust & Estate Planning and Document Reviews

Wills, POAs, Health Care Directives

Tax-Efficient Wealth Protection and Distribution


Review and Assess Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

Develop Solutions for Concentrated Assets to Mitigate Risk and to Minimize Tax Liability

Establish Diversified Portfolios or Completion Portfolios Depending on Client Need

Review Outside Investment Portfolios

Measure Portfolio Performance Against Financial Objectives

Tactically Rebalance Portfolios to Optimize Risk-Adjusted Returns