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“Make a Prepayment. Buy 10-50% Discount, Earn 10-50% Profit”




*To increase customers and ensure their continuity,
*For Customers and Other Investors to Invest in You and Financial Support,
*To strengthen your brand value and financial structure,
*For both your customers and you to win,
*To Earn Discount Coupon for Customers by Selling Your Services and Products in Advance,
*For Both Discounted Sales and Service and Permanent Customer Guarantee in Your Market,
*To Win Investors and Make New Investments,
*As an alternative to the heavy credit conditions of banks for pre-financing solutions,
Banks-Funds only give maximum 5% to Investors. You earn at least 10-50% to customers and investors.BUT YOU WILL WIN 100%.
When your customers or investors provide prepaid financing, you can pay them a discount coupon with a maturity of 10-50% (3-6-9-12 months) and a 10-50% Income-Profit Share.
For example, when your 100 Current or Potential Clients or different Investors Provide You $100,000 in Prepaid Financing;
You will increase customers and investors with a 10K-50K$ discount coupon at attractive rates.
Giving customers and investors 10K-50K$ as Investment-Profit-Trade Share will not affect you.
All customers and investors can use the BUSINESS application with great advantages whenever they want.
And when your restaurants and retail store or grocery sales traffic are as low as possible—be it a particular season, month, or day of the week—investment-linked savings savings can be extremely helpful.
When things don’t go your way, these new customers and investments will relieve you and you will take new initiatives.

Services we provide to companies that want to participate in the BUSINNESS Program:

We are preparing a -special- Investment Program for your money.
We are preparing a Legal Notary Certified Promise for your Investment Program.
We customize Promise Notes (such as Business Cards) for each client.
We prepare personalized discount coupons (such as sample coupons) for investors and customers who want to benefit from the Investment Program.
We customize Discount Coupons for every customer.
We introduce companies participating in the Business Investment Program to Investors.
We offer Business Program links to Beneficiary Websites.
We prepare Business Investment Program brochures/Posters/Inserts for Company/Restaurant/Grocery/supermarket/Retale Shops.
Upon request, we send wall-mounted or free-standing digital signage boards for promotional purposes.
You can contact us for the configuration, legal notary, design, printing, promotion and consultancy fees for these services.
Contact Whatsapp 973-938-2039
[email protected]

If you want to fill in the BUSINESS PROGRAM CONSULTING APPLICATION form, please fill in the request form below.

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What's your First-Last legal name?
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By checking this box, I agree for myself and on behalf of my business to the following:
• I authorize BUSINESS PROGRAM &Global Trade and partners and affiliates to use information previously collected or generated about me/my company/ and my business to streamline Investment Funds for me.
• I have read and understand the Agreement, which includes information regarding terms, limits, and arbitration of legal disputes.
• To be bound by, and electronically sign, the BUSINESS PROGRAM Agreement with the same force and effect as a manual signature and to receive, print and otherwise retain the Agreement and subsequent disclosures electronically by accessing
• I authorize BUSINESS PROGRAM & Global Trade and partners and affiliates, to share information collected or generated about me and my business through . for any purpose permitted by the Privacy Policy. This authorization extends to the affiliates, service providers and business partners of each party.
• The annual/monthly percentage yield is accurate as of …/…/22 and may change at our discretion at any time.