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“Fill in the Application Form according to these explanations below and the contents of the different Plans.
For example; By choosing the Bronze Plan, with an investment plan of $900-1000 per person, 5-6 months term and repayment (TERM-TIME),

50% of the investment is for discount purposes, 50% is for income/profit share sharing (OFFER SHARE %),
You can specify that 30% Discount (DISCOUNT-%) and 30% Income/profit share (PROFIT-%) will be paid in service delivery and shopping.

What's your First-Last legal name?
What's your First-Last legal name?
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TERM-TIME 3-6-9-12 Monthly
OFFER SHARE % Customer/investor
DISCOUNT-% For Customers
PROFIT-% For Investors

By checking this box, I agree for myself and on behalf of my business to the following:
• I authorize BUSINESS PROGRAM &Global Trade and partners and affiliates to use information previously collected or generated about me/my company/ and my business to streamline Investment Funds for me.
• I have read and understand the Agreement, which includes information regarding terms, limits, and arbitration of legal disputes.
• To be bound by, and electronically sign, the BUSINESS PROGRAM Agreement with the same force and effect as a manual signature and to receive, print and otherwise retain the Agreement and subsequent disclosures electronically by accessing
• I authorize BUSINESS PROGRAM & Global Trade and partners and affiliates, to share information collected or generated about me and my business through . for any purpose permitted by the Privacy Policy. This authorization extends to the affiliates, service providers and business partners of each party.
• The annual/monthly percentage yield is accurate as of …/…/22 and may change at our discretion at any time.

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